To pp mall

Here you can walk through some of our stores...

What is this site for?
...Depends on what you go to a mall for.

...(Mostly an art project and image hosting. Also an excuse for me to learn HTML)

Why name it pp mall?
It was ironic at first, but now I just genuinely can't think of a better name.

Yeah, you knew that you could link to OTHER pages on your site, but did you know that you can link to jump to other places on the same page? Let's jump to the bottom!

I'm getting bored of all these paragraphs that look the same. Good thing we can change the style of an individual paragraph.

Padding changes the amount of space between the inside of the tag and whatever you put inside it, like this.

The margin changes the amount of space between the outside of the tag and whatever's outside it, like this.

We can do the standard text effects for the Prime Geocites Look: bold, italics, underline, colored text, etc. But default blue is ugly. This is much nicer, and you can choose your own hex color values wherever you want.

You can also change exactly how any of these pre-made tags look the same way we changed the "p" tags.

Hi, we're at the bottom now, because I gave this paragraph the ID that matched to that link. Cool, right? Why don't we jump back up.